Ergothioneine is a very potent natural amino acid anti-inflammatory which comes from mushrooms. Many hair and scalp issues can be attributed to inflammation. GROH Ergo Boost products work together to reduce inflammation that can be the cause of many hair and skin problems.

Hair & Scalp Inflammation

The occurrence of thinning hair with pink scalp is often an indication of irritation and  inflammation. Thinning hair and pink scalp can also be a result of chemical treatments or coloring.  Sensitive skin and scalp can show allergic reaction to chemicals that manifest in a pink or red-ish inflammation with resulting thinning or loss of hair.

Skin Inflammation

There are many types of dermatitis, or skin inflammation. Inflamed skin may be red, dry, and itchy, hot, sensitized by eczema, or covered with acne. Improper skin care routine, lack of exercise, sun overexposure, or poor diet could contribute to this problem. Supplement your diet with more natural anti-inflammatory nutrients. 

Chronic inflammation
 Chronic inflammation is often stimulated by our modern lifestyle, diet, stress level and medication prevent our body from recovering and self-healing.

All Ergo Boost products contain natural forms of anti-inflammatories.

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