Need a Great Gift Idea for Mother’s Day? 

Mother’s Day is in just four days. Are you still looking for the perfect gift?  This year, give Mom the gift that she deserves— allow her inner beauty to shine through from the inside out with the GROH Daily Replenishing Supplement. Not only does it promote hair and nail growth, but it also supports nail strength, encourages healthier, thicker, and fuller hair and lashes; nourishes the hair follicles, and improves skin strength and elasticity.

Looking for something relaxing for her? Give her the gift of beauty in comfort with the 8 oz. Hair & Scalp Conditioning Treatment, Skin Recharge Bar, and Skin Repair Treatment. These will softly deliver nourishment, hydration and smoothing anti-aging benefits with essential oils and antioxidants. Besides clearing away impurities, the gently- cleansing Skin Recharge bar rejuvenates to reveal smooth, healthy, glowing skin. The Hair & Scalp conditioner recharges the hair and scalp from their daily stresses and protects them against future damage. And finally, the essential age-fighting nutrients in the Skin Repair Treatment work together to repair and protect, resulting in radiant, resilient, younger-looking skin.

Too hard to choose one?

The GROH® Lifestyle Kit Contains one of each of the GROH® products (except for the professional in-salon treatment) beautifully packaged in an easy-to-wrap purple box with a velvety black interior.


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