ENTIA & Michael J. Fox Foundation

Entia Wins Rapid Response Innovation Award, 2014 from Michael J. Fox Foundation

This project aims to expand the focus of Parkinson's Disease therapeutics by evaluating a mushroom-based medical food (ErgoD2®) as an alternative or companion treatment for Parkinson's Disease. (Read More)

The fight against Parkinson’s disease goes on. It's frustrating to hear of someone battled this terrible illness, when there is so little we can do today. At Entia BioSciences, we are working hard to fight this disease through our scientific study, testing and development of new medical foods – specifically our ErgoD2 technology.

Michael J. Fox Foundation

We’re excited to share with you our latest news, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, has also recognized our efforts and has committed to help fund our continued research into new medical foods to be used as companion therapies to traditional pharmaceutical solutions. We are dedicating our work this year to all those we know who have Parkinson’s right now and who are fighting the battle. Our goal is to complete our research and have a medical food into the market as soon as possible. 

The Michael J. Fox Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson's disease through fundiing research and development to improve therapies for those living with Parkinson's today. Entia's core ErgoD2 technology is an exciting next step in using medical foods to treat disease.

To find out how your can be part of supporting this on going research effort, contact Entia BioSciences directly. 

GROH® was Born

Through an unexpected discovery during clinical research into auto-immune conditions, Dr. Hausman, founder of Entia BioSciences connected positive improvements to many early signs of aging - such as thinning hair, fine lines and deep wrinkles, loss of hydration and brittle nails -  to nutrients found in Entia’s ErgoD2 medial foods. From these early discoveries, the GROH brand was formed to bring these revolutionary  medical innovations to the public through the Professional Salon and Spa channel. 

Learn more about GROH® and how to make it available to your guests in your Salon or Spa!


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