Ergothioneine Transporter

Microscopic hair cell

A study published in the Journal of Cosmetics by Dr. Irena Eris and faculty at the University of Warsaw showed that L-Ergothioneine may protect skin cells against UV-induced damage. The antioxidant was shown to reduce the oxidative stress on mtDNA from ultra-violet radiation by enhancing the level of reduced glutathione to protect against mtDNA “common deletion”. As a result, L-Ergothioneine could also become a potent skin care and anti-photoaging ingredient.

Backed by scientific innovation and medical research, all GROH® products and services contain the powerful master antioxidant L-Ergothioneine, naturally amplified Vitamin D2, and other important micronutrients and co-factors found in plants and whole foods. These nutrients are unlocked, enhanced, and formulated into Ergo Boost Complex, which works with the body's biological systems to fulfill the everyday nutritional needs that our modern lifestyles fail to provide. With regular use, the GROH® Ergo Boost product line has the potential to balance cellular function and promote thicker, fuller hair and lashes, healthier skin, and increased nail strength and growth. 

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