professional certification


It's easy to get started sharing GROH with guests!

At GROH, we believe the power to heal and renew lies within every person, and our Ergo Boost products and services unlock that inner power. Scientific discovery and medical innovation have informed and inspired these new amazing Professional products and services. We want to share these amazing new discoveries with you as a Professional so that you can share them with your guests.

GROH has established this Professional Training & Certification Program and specifically designed it for, you, the Salon Professional. In collaboration with Entia Biosciences and their medical and research community, we will introduce you to the amazing science and innovation behind the study of Nutrigenomics and all GROH products. 

We all have those guests who we want to help and take care of, our training will establish you as a key source for guests to ask questions of. It will enable you to guide them to smart choices that are right for their lifestyle for healthier hair, scalp, skin, nails and lashes. 




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