GROH - Testimonials 

Larry Silvestri, SVP/COO Mario Tricoci Salon Chicago, IL

For more than 35 years, the name Mario Tricoci has been synonymous with the latest in hair trends and innovative spa services. Mario Tricoci provides ongoing education across all departments to ensure an expertly trained team with a passion for their craft across it's 17 Chicagoland locations.

"GROH’s Ergo Boost line meets the demand for natural effective products that align with our guests’ desire for healthy lifestyle changes. GROH is not a replacement for the products that the guests currently purchase at Mario Tricoci, but is a logical addition that can improve overall results.” 



Jennifer Doljanin, Creative Color Manager

"... the benefits it's giving to the scalp, so the hair is growing from the scalp healthier and healthier hair is going to hold on to color longer."

Nelida D'Alessandro, Colorist,

"...we educate how this is really going to penetrate into the scalp and regenerate at a cellular level.."


Mary, Esthetician,

" makeup stays on better..."

Sadie Beauty Director, Mario Tricoci

"I've been using the entire has gotten my hair to grow, faster than every before.” 

Judy, GROH Ergo Boost - Consumer

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