GROH Line Testimonial


 Wow! My colorist noticed a huge change!

 Chicago, IL on February 8, 2014

Sadie – Beauty Department Director at Mario Tricoci

“I absolutely love GROH!  I’m using the entire line.  The skin treatment, the bar, I’m using the supplement, and the at home scalp treatment as well as the in-salon treatment, and it is has literally gotten my hair to grow faster than I have ever noticed it.  My skin is actually back on track.  I’ve been doing a peel program with chemical peels where I was feeling a little bit dried out and having some flaking of my skin.  And using the cleansing bar and the skin treatment, it completely brought my skin’s moisture levels back on track.   The cleansing bar as well is really great just to rebalance the skin it helped take down a lot of the inflammation.  I’m absolutely obsessed with everything from the GROH line!

I’ve had three clients actually in the past day stop me and ask me what I did with my skin and they actually thought I had it worked on and it wasn’t anything like that.  It was just using the GROH products so I educated them about the supplements and taking everything and using the entire kit because it’s a great deal and a great package on everything. 

[my hair] is taking the color, it feels fuller, my colorist asked what I was using as well because she noticed a huge change in the volume of my hair, as well as how fast its growing because it’s never grown this fast.”




My colorist noticed 
a huge change!

I absolutely love

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I'm 100% Genuine 
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My skin has never
looked better!

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