GROH Haircare Testimonial

Nelida D. – Colorist, Mario Tricoci

Naperville, IL

I’ve been experiencing hair loss as a hair dresser.  I mean, have you ever seen a hair dresser who has no hair?  I felt the drastic need to really go in there and try to find something that was really going to be beneficial, not only for my hair, but also for my health.  I’m 100% genuine about it.  I know strongly that it’s going to deliver exactly what it’s meant to do.




My colorist noticed 
a huge change!

I absolutely love

I've seen a lot of  

I'm 100% Genuine 
about it!



My skin has never
looked better!

My nails are by far 
the best they've 
been ever!

Her color has been 
taking so much better!



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