GROH Personal Testimonials

Monica G. – Stylist, Mario Tricoci

Chicago, IL

It was right away, maybe after four to six weeks, that my nails stopped breaking.  I could now have a nice manicure and the polish lasts.  I would recommend GROH for my clients because it’s natural, it’s made out of mushrooms, and it doesn’t have any synthetics.


Daniella G. – Reservation Center Agent, Mario Tricoci

Palatine, IL

My color grabs amazing, my nails are by far the best they’ve been ever.


Ashley J. – Stylist, Mario Tricoci

Naperville, IL

In taking the supplement I’ve noticed not only an increase in energy, I also noticed an increase in my nail growth, my hair growth, my skin is amazing.   All this has changed me, literally, from the inside out.  I’m not going to live without it ever.  I’d recommend this for everybody.   




My colorist noticed 
a huge change!

I absolutely love

I've seen a lot of  

I'm 100% Genuine 
about it!



My skin has never
looked better!

My nails are by far 
the best they've 
been ever!

Her color has been 
taking so much better!



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