GROH Personal Testimonial

John Gialluisi. – Creative Director & Educational Director, Mario Tricoci

Chicago, IL

Hi, my name is John Gialluisi.  I'm the Creative Director and Educational Director for the Mario Tricoci salons and day spas and my story is that I've been doing my mom's hair forever and her color was always difficult to cover and I started my mom on this about three months ago where she was feeling real tired and just needed a boost.  I talked to her about GROH so she started taking it and she's been taking one capsule a day.  First thing in the morning, that's the first thing she does.  And, what I noticed the last two times that I've done her hair is that her color has been taking so much better.  I mean it's a hundred percent coverage.  I'm a firm believer in it and it really does make a difference but the whole thing with really for the color to really take, and where you can get a hundred percent coverage is amazing!  So, I'm a believber in GROH!




My colorist noticed 
a huge change!

I absolutely love

I've seen a lot of  

I'm 100% Genuine 
about it!



My skin has never
looked better!

My nails are by far 
the best they've 
been ever!

Her color has been 
taking so much better!



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