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 Love it! I've been using the entire line!

By Sadie, Beauty Department Director, Mario Tricoci. Chicago, IL on March 3, 2014

I absolutely love GROH, I've been using it about a month now. I'm using the entire line. I've was feeling a little dried out and flakey from the chemical peels that I've been doing, I used the cleansing bar and skin treatment and it completely put my skin's moisture levels back on track. The cleansing bar helped to rebalance the skin and take down a lot of the inflammation. I'm absolutely obsessed with everything from the GROH line. Three clients have stopped me in the last day and asked me what I did with my skin - they actually thought I had work done. It wasn't anything like that, it was just using the GROH products.


Daily Replenishing Supplement

 Thicker at the root!

Teresa M. 23, Portland, OR  “Not only do I come from a family of women with naturally fine hair, but I’ve been dyeing and straightening it since I was 12. So over the years my hair has gone through a lot of chemical and heat damage which I thought was irreversible.

After only 3 weeks of using Groh, my hair already feels thicker at the root compared to my damaged and sparse tips. The new hair growing has a full but soft velvet-like texture and is coming up faster and healthier than it used to.

I consider myself a healthy eater, so it’s scary to think that I was still missing the nutrients needed to reach my hair growth potential. I’m excited for when my whole head of hair finally feels this great!”


  My hair is shinier, even when bleaching!

-Ashton M, Naperville, IL    “I’ve dyed hair platinum blonde for the past 6 years and bleach it once a month. So I used to get a lot of breakage since my hair is normally thin.  After taking Groh my hair is shiner (even when bleaching) and growing in fuller. I have more energy throughout the day and just generally feel better. I absolutely recommend Groh to anyone who wants to see results from a beauty product.”


 My nails don't split!

-Kate A, Salem, OR    "I have always had thin hair and nails. Even after I had been diagnosed with low thyroid and started taking medication to treat it, my nails and hair were still thin.  After I started taking Groh about 18 months ago, I have been completely surprised and completely satisfied with the results. I have thicker, longer hair and my nails grow quickly now. I have to give myself a manicure once a week to keep up with the growth. When I file my nails now, I no longer have split corners.  I can tell when I forget to take Groh. My energy lags and I feel sluggish. When I keep a steady routine with it, I feel that everything works like it should."


  The first place I noticed a difference was my skin! Smooth texture, minimized blemishes!

Michelle J. Naperville, IL  “The first place I noticed a difference was in my skin. After about 2 weeks, my skin was unbelievably radiant. My skin texture is a lot smoother and random blemishes I normally got disappeared. My makeup goes on cleaner and smoother and I can even use less of it.  As for my hair, I’ve always worn a short cut which is a hard style to transition out of. After about 3 months on GROH my colorist was blown away at how unbelievably long my hair was. Because of the new length, my colorist had to use a comb to help spread the color, when normally she just applied with her hands.  My nails also have less breakage. I have an older daughter who I’m getting it hooked on as well and am anxious to see the results!”


 Hair & nails are growing stronger and quicker!

Theresa B. Clearwater, Florida  “For the past four weeks:

1. My hair and nails are growing stronger and quicker than usual.

2. People are asking if I have false eyelashes or lash-extenders

3. My skin, especially my face is so smooth and radiant - I am getting so many compliments (what is in these magic mushrooms ~ they are miracles in a pill)

4. The very best part is that my body is reducing the inflammation (all over) my hands and feet no longer swell and my belly is shrinking.

5. Everyone here in Florida seems to be having moderate- severe allergies due to the pollen--well, I have to tell you that I do not have any symptoms at all.  I usually have the runny nose, watery eyes and sneezes for 6 weeks.  NOT this year!

I am a very healthy, well-read person on nutrition...but there is nothing that my body seems to appreciate more than your mushroom super food.  Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful supplement with me.  I will be sharing this great product with everyone I know who is interested in pro-active health choices.”


Hair Treatment

Fragrance was amazing!

Beverly, Tricoci Salons, Chicago My hair was much shinier after drying.  Texture felt very healthy. No fly-aways after drying.  Overall I would buy the product!”


  Smoother, dries faster!

Janel, Tricoci Salons, Chicago “My hair was very shiny and felt very smooth.  It was also easier to blow dry and dried faster.”


  Hair felt light and soft!

Laura Tricoci Salons, Chicago “Easy to use, good clean scent.  Hair felt light and soft.  Would definitely use on a regular basis.”


 Wow! My colorist noticed a huge change!

 Chicago, IL on February 8, 2014

My hair is taking the color better, if feels fuller, my colorist asked what I was using because she noticed a huge change in the volume of my hair, as well, as how fast it was growing.  It's never grown this fast! (See Full Testimonial)


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