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Stimulating Scalp Serum
Stimulating Scalp Serum
Stimulating Scalp Serum
Stimulating Scalp Serum

Stimulating Scalp Serum


Healthy - and beautiful - hair starts with a healthy scalp. This serum is designed to stimulate the scalp through a blend of fast-absorbing, high-potency bionutrients and antioxidants that nourishes cellular growth and health, resulting in stronger and shinier hair in the long-term.

2 oz. (60 mL) = 1 Month Supply

Why You'll Love It:

  • Stimulating properties help fight hair loss, rebalance dry and oily surfaces, soothe dryness, and reduce itchiness and flakiness for a healthier scalp.
  • This oil-free serum, created with the natural antioxidant ergothioneine, whose unique transporter delivers this bionutrient directly to skin cells, nourishes hair follicle cells that produce stronger and more vibrant hair.
  • Helps hair thicken while stimulating growth, Helps smooth, increase shine, strengthen the roots.
  • Rich in the antioxidant ergothioneine, vitamin D2, and other bionutrients, this formula replenishes and replaces key natural nutrients and cofactors needed for cell growth. Resulting in faster hair growth.
  • Helps control the inflammatory reaction within the hair cuticle and on the scalp caused by use of bleach, hair coloring agents, and heat styling. Reduces possible future damage.